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Public Works Department

 Ambler Borough Hall or the Ambler Public Works Department should be contacted regarding any street related problems such as pot holes or snow plowing.  The Public Works Department can be reached at 215-628-9409.  Please contact Borough Hall at 215-646-1000 to report a traffic light or street light outage. 

Trash Pick Up

Regular Trash Pickup regularly is on Wednesday, except for Federal Holidays when trash pickup will be on Thursday.  Please set your trash out curbside no earlier than the 4:30 pm the night before pickup and no later than 6:00 am the morning of pickup. Trash is to be placed in cans with covers.  Please remove/return your cans from the curb no later than 8 pm after pickup.  Check the "Homepage" for further details. 

Recyclables Pickup - Single Stream Recycling

Recyclables Pickup is also on Wednesday.  Recyclables are to be placed together in the blue recyclables rollcards recently delivered to Borough residents.  Recyclable items are to be clean or rinsed.  NO FOOD WASTE.  NO PLASTIC BAGS.  NO POLYSTYRENE OR STYROFOAM OR FILMY WRAPPER PLASTICS.  NO PLASTIC TOYS. 

Remember, recycling is the law.  You must recycle at curbside.  The following items are to be recycled:  1) aluminum & metal cans;2) clear & colored glass; 3) Number 1-7 platic containers and bottles; 4) cartons; 5) loose metal jar lids & steel bottle caps; 6) newspapers, magazines, brochures & inserts; 7) paperboard boxes (e.g., cereal, pasta & tissue); 8) cardboard beverage carriers; 9) office paper, file folders & greeting cards; 10) regular & junk mail; 11) flattened cardboard, corrugated cardboard & paper bags; 12) paperback books, paper towel rolls; 13) any other non-waxed paper products. 

Bulk Item Pick Up

One bulk pickup item per week is allowed as part of normal Wednesday collection. This includes items such as sofas, mattresses, box springs and similar items. Television sets will no longer be allowed to be put out for bulk pickup after January 23, 2013 per State of Pennsylvania regulations.  Rugs must be cut & tied in 3' lengths. No building materials, automotive parts, batteries. White items must be scheduled separately for pickup by calling J.P. Mascaro at 1-800-432-1616 in advance.  This includes water heaters, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.  All Freon must be removed from items and tagged as such -- you may call Mascaro and a fee will be charged for Freon removal.  For working refrigerators (which contain Freon)  that you would like to dispose of you may call PECO's "Smart Ideas Program" at 1-888-573-2672.  PECO will haul away your refrigerator and remove the Freon for recycling at no charge.  Do not place bulk or white items at the curb until 4:30 pm the night before pickup.

Leaf/Yard Waste Pickup - 1st & 3rd Tuesday, monthly

Ambler Borough contracts throughout the year to allow for an unlimited amount of leaves and other yard waste to be picked up. Leaf Waste Ordinance #1042 prohibits placing leaf waste in with regular trash. Separating yard waste materials for pickup will help reduce volume weight and contain costs of regular garbage pickup. Yard waste materials must be placed in unlined cans or brown paper recycle bags. Hedge materials may be bundled and tied.  NO GRASS CLIPPINGS.  Plastic bags are prohibited. All uncollected materials must be stored on your property until scheduled pickup or dropped off at Barnside Farm Compost Facility -- see "Homepage" for details.    

Christmas Tree Pick Up

Christmas trees are to be placed curbside in January for regular Yard Waste Pickup -- pickup is 1st & 3rd Tuesday of January.  Please place your tree at the curb by early in the morning on the scheduled date in January.  Trees may not be placed in plastic tree bags. 

Street Sweeping

The Borough conducts street cleaning April through December.  Parking restriction signs are posted throughout the Borough and parking restrictions are enforced during this time.  Please check your recent edition of Home Town News or see 'Events & Notices' on this site for specific dates for seasonal parking restrictions.  

Handicap Parking Sign Permits

Applications for handicap parking sign permits are handled on a case-by-case basis. Permit Applications may be obtained at the police station or by contacting the Borough.

Stormwater Management

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires operators of Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) to develop and implement a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program to minimize the discharge of contaminates into surface waters.   Ambler Borough is committed to improving local water quality and educating residents on how to help.  Ambler Borough is preventing storm water pollution through a storm water management program that addresses storm water pollution from construction, new development, illegal dumping to the storm sewer system and pollution prevention and good housekeeping practices. 

Because storm water runoff picks up pollution from land surfaces -- pavements, yards, driveways and roofs -- efforts to control storm water pollution must consider individual, household and public behaviors and activities that can generate pollution from these surfaces.  Remember, the rain that drains from the roadway, your roff, and runs off from your property in Ambler eventually makes its way to the Wissahickon Creek and the Delaware River. 

These common individual behaviors have the potential to generate storm water pollution: 

  • littering
  • improper disposal of trash and recyclables
  • improper disposal of pet waste
  • application of lawn chemicals
  • car washing
  • changing motor oil on paved driveways
  • improper disposal of leftover paint and household chemicals. 

It takes individual behavioral change and proper practices to control such pollution!  All Ambler residents and business owners are encouraged to review this information and to help the Borough's efforts to keep our water clean. For more information on how you can reduce storm water pollution, please visit "Other Web Resources"  on the Borough's Website as well as the following webpages:


Yard Waste Pickup - Feb. 2 & 16

Feb. 16, 2016 – 7:00pm
Council Meeting - Borough Hall
Feb. 23, 2016 – 7:00pm
Planning Commission - Borough Hall
Mar. 01, 2016 – 7:00pm
Committee Meeting - Borough Hall
Mar. 15, 2016 – 7:00pm
Council Meeting - Borough Hall
Mar. 22, 2016 – 7:00pm
Planning Commission - Borough Hall


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